• Sharlin Azad

5 Mindful Steps to Be You

Often we don’t realize how we let the world around us influence us. The way we think, the way we behave, the way we treat ourselves. And in the process we forget to be who we really are. I found these small things helped me be more true to myself. I hope they help you too.

1. Be true to your heart

When I say be true to your heart, I don’t mean about the love of your life. That person can wait. I mean about you. About your inner desires. About listening to your most impulsive thoughts. Thoughts that make you smile. That liberates you. Empower you. Sometimes you have to stop listening to your superego and let the id and ego have some fun. I’ve always tried to be mature and wise. But, at one point in life I just ended up with this huge list of regrets and wishes. Life will always have its ups and downs, why not enjoy ourselves while we’re at it?

2. Be Brave

Now, you could go bungee jumping or sky diving. I’m a total chicken when it comes to heights though. Why not be brave about yourself too? Be brave to say what’s on your mind. Sometimes we subconsciously adjust to our surroundings and refrain from saying or doing what we want. But what’s the worse that can happen if we do? A debate? An awkward moment? An interesting story to tell? Why not bring it on, enlighten your surroundings, and liberate yourself.

3. And Be Free

Freedom is a precious word. Freedom to be you is even more precious. It doesn’t come easily either. Often we put ourselves in an endless cycle, a never-ending wheel of our own thoughts of self worth, struggles of life, worries about loved ones, and plans about our big goals. Constantly running but never really free. Sometimes if you take a moment and just step away from it all. You may realize that many of those things don’t matter. Or matter less. Sometimes you need to just let yourself be you. Care a little less, go with the flow, take it all in stride, or put it all aside for a day, make a few mistakes, and be free.

4. Be Adventurous too!

Yes! Its time to pack your bags and escape! Maybe not forever but just for a little while. Go somewhere on your own, where nobody knows you and see how you really react. I’ve always been a person who needs two to tango. And the idea of going somewhere on my own terrified me. But when I did, I surprised myself. I enjoyed walking on my own, meeting new people, going to places I wouldn't have. Enjoying my trip with no rush. No agenda. I was immensely surprised by the sense of freedom I got. Try the solo trip at least for a day. And yell at me if you don’t enjoy it.

5. And pamper yourself…

If anybody deserves to be pampered, it’s you. We’re so focused on everything around us that we forget to give ourselves a moment. Why not give yourself some attention? Treat yourself with something you’ve been putting off. Why not go to that dance class you’ve always wanted to? Why not try that restaurant you’ve been contemplating for the perfect occasion? Why not buy that dress that you’ve added to your wish list. Why not go to the spa and relax for a day? You deserve it!

Did this help? Do you already do some of these? Let me know and share too! Sharing is empowering!

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