• Ethar Salman

5 Powerful Steps to Overcome Stress

Throughout our lives, we all experience stress in different forms; whether its stress from work, relationships, family, or achieving goals in life.

We've mostly experienced the good and the bad, as Brene Brown said in her book The Gifts of Imperfections, “ we’re a nation of exhausted and over-stressed adults raising over-scheduled children.”

Without further ado, here are the 6 Steps to overcome stress:

1. Continue your daily routine but don’t forget to breathe...

We all have a fixed daily routine like waking up at 6 am, jogging for 30 min, having a well prepped breakfast with a hot cup of coffee (almost a must!), then of course...head to work. Therefore, maintaining this routine will keep your sanity. 😊

2. Bring back the hobbies my friend!

If you had a hobby that you stopped doing for years for lack of time, now its a good time to bring it back to life. Give that hobby some time, a chance to give you a sense of accomplishment. Revel in the pleasure of doing something you love. You'll be surprised how much it can detox the stress of daily life. And sometimes, it'll change your perception of the different stress in life.

3. Being an athlete is a state of mind.

Well, as much as the line sounds catchy, and often hard to do, but once you try, it does get easier. When we think of the word athlete, we think its all about going to the gym, doing cardio, lifting weights, toning the muscles, counting the long laps and so much more. Its definitely helpful and all those endorphins will give you a boost. But do we ever think that being an athlete isn't just about the hard workout routine and extreme sports? Its again, about the state of mind. About taking a breather amidst all that action. Meditation has proven by many research studies that it reduces anxiety and depression, as well as other medical conditions like high blood pressure, irritable bowl syndrome and flare ups of ulcerative colitis.

4. A walk to remember.

You probably thought I was going to talk about the movie, and I kind of am. But with yourself. From my personal experience whenever I get stressed I always try to take a walk. Going outside, in the wide open space, breathing in fresh air allows me to get that moment of peace. Escaping the stress for just a moment. Not to mention, breathing fresh air while walking helps deliver more oxygen in your lungs, more nutrients to your brain, all in while making you function like Olaf in “Frozen” every time he sees the fire. Pure delight.

5. Cry like a baby

I know. Crying is the worst. Most of us will say “ Hell no! I'm not going to cry like a baby!” Lets face it though, crying is the natural way to unleash stress and aches (you don’t have to cry over ice cream though). There is no harm in crying whenever you feel like it. But disclaimer here: Please, try not to cry in front of your boss and say that Ethar said its okay. 😊

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