• Sharlin Azad

Get to know You!

“As far as I can remember I have been looking for love. For acceptance. For happiness. I tried to be who my family wanted, my friends wanted, my lovers wanted. The perfect little angel. Unbeknownst to me, I had gradually pushed myself away, blocked the inner me in the dark recesses of my mind, ignoring my own thoughts, needs and desires. I found myself struggling to be in harmony with myself. I didn’t quite feel like myself. I felt like I was in a play, constantly in character, diligently following the script. Often I would catch a glimpse of myself in passing. A flash of someone different in the mirror. A sudden outburst to something I didn’t think I’d react to. Or day dreaming about being someone else. The more I struggled, the harder I clung to those predetermined scripts handed down to me by convention, by family values, by expectations, by society. And I was drowning in it, losing my own thoughts, doubting my every action. All the while, my true self was flailing its arms, trying to rise above the chaos within me, trying to be known. It wasn’t something I realized in one day. It’s something that happened gradually. I started listening to that little voice within me. I started to give it importance. I started doing things I’ve always wanted to do but limited myself. I decided to forgo the thoughts of social norms, culture and convention. Threw away those carefully crafted scripts. And I gave myself the freedom to be just me. And find peace, love and acceptance within me.“

Self-discovery is not something that comes easily. As human beings we are influenced by everything around us. The age old question of Nature versus Nurture is still ongoing. Social values and expectations often influence our perception of ourselves. As does the image our loved ones create of us. Often we have to get out of our normal environment to discover who we really are. We have to take chances, make those mistakes, and discover something new about ourselves. It can be something as simple as going to dinner without a companion, ordering that lavish desert and relishing it on our own. Or taking a dance class that you always wanted to but somehow never did. Or going to park and just sitting at a bench looking at the horizon and allowing your own thoughts to surround you. Or maybe a solo trip to some familiar place you love. Or you can also go somewhere you have never been. These are just a few ideas. It can really be anything you decided to do for yourself.

Are you struggling to know yourself? Did you have a similar moment life? Do you have any tips about discovering the person within? Comment below.

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